We ship outside the box.

We offer a large menu of services that can be combined or cherry picked to meet your specific needs, allowing you to dedicate your financial resources and manpower exclusively to sales and product development.

Warehousing & Distribution

DFS understands the hard work you put into producing and marketing your product, so we would like you to rest assured that it will arrive at its final destination in accordance with your purchase order terms.

We will help your company maintain inventory, pick and pack for distribution, as well as rework retail specific orders that need to be modified or replaced.

EDI & Technology Services

Utilizing our EDI / technology services will enable efficient communication and document transmittal between buyers and sellers- saving you 5%-20% in charge-back fees from most major retailers and big box stores.

EDI translates documents into a format acceptable by the buyer’s/seller’s information technology system — creating a universal medium of communication.

Supply Chain Consulting

Our in-house U.S. Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder, with over 25 years of experience, gives DFS the industry know-how to meet your shipping needs; including supply-chain-management and U.S. Customs compliance evaluations.

DeFiliSolutions is an expert provider of consultation and control services facilitating a company’s growth in the North American market while maintaining a lean cost-structure.

Retail Store Compliance

Department stores in the U.S. are infamous for their rigid guidelines and exorbitant charge-back fees. DFS can also assist in managing your operation, forecasting sales and tracking inventory.

We will provide you with the industry specialists that help by advising you on manufacturing, selling, packaging and the delivery of your goods.