Are you ready to win at Fulfillment?

Defili Solutions Offers:
• A wide range of fulfillment services
• Pricing that is easy to understand
• Performance Transparency for accountability
• Flex-up to 24/7 operation to meet your deadlines
• Rollout Experts
• Light Assembly
• Our People, Our Culture (Our Customer Success Team)


Pick & Pack Retail Fulfillment

Labeling, Packaging, Kitting, Light Assembly, Sorting,
Scanning, Serial# Control, Vehicle Loading


EDI Services

Efficient communication and document
transmittal between buyers and sellers


Warehousing & Distribution

DeFiliSolutions will help your company maintain inventory, pick and pack for distribution, as well as rework retail specific orders that need to be modified or replaced while remaining compliant.

Supply Chain Consulting

CargoTrans, our in-house Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder, with over 25 years of experience, gives DeFiliSolutions the industry know-how to meet all your shipping needs.

Retail Store Compliance

DeFiliSolutions can provide your company with the industry specialists that help by advising you on manufacturing, selling, packaging, shipment and the delivery of your goods.

EDI & Technology Services

DeFiliSolutions offers complete visibility and real-time tracking enabling efficient communications. EDI compliance can save your company 5%-20% in retail store charge-back fees.


WMS Login



Complete visibility with real-time inventory and tracking  DFS WMS Login

Industries Serviced – Just to name a few.

Apparel / Retail

Working with both specialty and department stores, we provide warehousing and logistic services for makers and sellers of fashionable clothing.


DFS can manage the entire shoe fulfillment process, from receipt of overseas containers to final shipment to retail and consumer customers.

Home Furnishings

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or designer we can assist with receiving, storing and delivering products with the DFS touch.


DFS has experience providing logistics services to the hospitality sector, where efficient, automated warehouses are critical to remain competitive.

Building & Construction

At DFS we understand the necessity of getting materials to job sites or distributors in order to keep a building project progressing.


From our inception, DFS has been handling lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetic packaging, etc. We manage the entire distribution channel from PO to POD to keep America looking good.

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